PMEG has a Creative Commons license

Many people ask me if they can print their own copy of PMEG, and I always tell them it’s OK. But I strongly prefer they do it for their own use only.

You can always read the web version for free. And you can even download the HTML version and use it in your own computer.

And then there is a PDF version of PMEG. The content and design is essentially that which will be released as a book on paper once the content is ready for a new edition. I know quite a few people who have printed the PDF, or had it printed for them, and they have manage to make their own PMEG books from it.

Download PMEG

But keep in mind that the content is evolving fast. There will be new versions from time to time in the following weeks and months since I’m now able to work much more on PMEG thanks to the help of all my supporters. I’m not sure how often I will release new versions but I’m already feeling that PMEG 15.0.4 is starting to take form.

Here’s info on the Creative Commons.

2 pensoj pri “PMEG has a Creative Commons license

  1. timsk diras:

    Sed _kiun_ permesilon de Creative Commons vi elektis? Ĉu simple CC BY? Aŭ BY-ND? Aŭ BY-NC-ND? Estus utile scii.

    • bertilow diras:

      Mi elektis la permesilon “CC BY-SA 4.0”. En la fino de ĉiu paĝo de la Reta versio aperas tia indiko, kaj ankaŭ sur paĝo 2 de la PDF-versio.

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